Some Advice On Picking Out Fundamental Aspects In Medicine

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“It is apparent from documents we have received that this 99-year, $22 million deal was consummated behind closed doors without using legally-required open competitive processes,” the protest states. The deal between WKU and The Medical Center stems from the Aug. 19 Board of Regents meeting where the board gave approval for Ransdell to enter into the deal with The Medical Center. The deal entailed The Medical Center footing the bill on construction of the new facility, leasing the land of the new building to The Medical Center for 99 years at $1 a year and providing The Medical Center orthopedics teams as the exclusive physicians for WKU’s athletic departments. WKONA claims that while they were approached with the offer to fund the new facility, WKONA and other health service providers were not offered the lease or exclusive rights as campus health services and were not allowed to compete for a bid. The protest also states that WKU “made clear that it sought out this partnership without attempting to solicit bids with private providers.” The protest cites an email Ransdell sent to the Board of Regents and later forwarded to Connie Smith, CEO of The Medical Center, in which he instructs to the board that he had already met with Smith to negotiate the final terms of the Letter of Intent. The email in question, which was also obtained by the Herald through an open records request, also includes a newly attached version of the letter of intent with edits made by the The Medical Center as well as Ransdell, Smith and Regents Frederick Higdon and Gillard Johnson, both of whom voted in favor of the deal at the regents meeting in August. The board was originally slated to meet on Aug. 10 to conduct a “special meeting” where the board was to discuss the deal, but Ransdell states in his email that since The Medical Center Board had not met yet to agree to the new letter of intent they would postpone the regent meeting to Aug. 19 . “I must remind each Board member and those WKU VPs who are working on this, that absolute CONFIDENTIALITY is critical,” Ransdell writes in this email to the WKU Board of Regents.

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