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course for interview

Spring Lake flooding He checked on the inside of the house, which had not flooded, but said water was up to the porch. When we left this morning, I had Mattie on my back, he said. Carvers Creek State Park dam Inspectors with the state Dam Safety Program are at Carvers Creek State Park near Spring Lake to inspect a dam on the property. Several residents downstream have evacuated their homes. The Cumberland County Emergency Management office says the dam on the park property is caving in. Spring Lake police and fire have told Collinwood Drive residents they should evacuate. Jumping Run Creek, which flows out of the compromised dam, is several hundred yards into woods at the edge of the neighborhood. with the National Weather Service confirm that a large breach has occurred at the dam and that water was pouring into Jumping Branch Creek to the east. Recommended SitePark officials are not letting anyone into the park, and officials on site are referring questions to state officials. Bridget Munger, a Dam Safety spokeswoman, said floodwaters were topping an earthen embankment. The lake level is dropping now, which is obviously good news, she said just before noon. Dam staff members who are at the scene will wait for the lake to lower more before assessing the condition of the earthen embankment around the dam, Munger said.

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course for interview

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