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Nearly half waited a month or longer before getting an accurate diagnosis, the study found. Only 29 percent of the children were seen by an effective provider within a week of the spasms’ onset, the researchers found. For some, the delay was several years. some basic guidance on handy secrets for online interview questionParents’ education levels, household income, insurance or other factors had no effect on the timing, the study determined. In some cases, doctors and pediatricians didn’t recognize the condition and discounted parents’ concerns, Hussain’s team found. The parents themselves frequently came up with the diagnosis using sources on the internet. The subtle spasms can be confused with common childhood problems such as colic , said Dr. Amy Brooks-Kayal, chief of pediatric neurology at Children’s Hospital Colorado. and Hussain said infantile spasms can be diagnosed with video EEG ( electroencephalography ).

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consultant interview

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consultant interview

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