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During the surgeries, Cellvizio provided ex-vivo images of excised lesions that were analyzed by surgeons, pathologists and physicists and compared to histology standard of care. Diagnosis was complete using both traditional and new remote digital pathology methods. To distinguish between normal and cancerous tissue, several factors were assessed including completeness of response to chemotherapy in the liver1 and the differentiation of peritoneal nodules2. Both studies demonstrate excellent sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values to detect malignant lesions. Overall, sensitivity ranges from 75% to 100% and specificity ranges from 89% to 100%3. These results add to the growing evidence that the Cellvizio platform can help surgeons make appropriate real-time decisions and eliminate uncertainties during procedures, said Brice Gayet, Professor of Digestive Surgery at Institut Mutualiste Montsouris. In addition, for the first time my team used remote collaboration through live streaming techniques, enabling communication from multiple locations and better informed decision making. Sacha Loiseau, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mauna Kea Technologies, added, The PERSEE study confirms that Cellvizio can add significant value in cancer surgeries, by bringing the same proven accuracy level in tissue characterization obtained in other indications and helping confirm surgical margins in real-time. As the body of clinical evidencegrows in surgical procedures, we hope to see an acceleration of Cellvizio adoption, not onlyas a stand-alone technology but also integrated into other surgical platforms. Dr. Loiseau added, These results represent a key step in the ongoing development of the PERSEE program. The milestone payment from BpiFrance will fund the fourth phase of the program, which will extend the clinical evidence and support technical innovation applied to surgical indications for the Cellvizio platform. About the PERSEE project The PERSEE project was awarded 7.6 million euros in April 2010 from OSEO (now BpiFrance) in order to develop a robotized, miniature, flexible endomicroscope for the minimally invasive exploration of the abdominal cavity.

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Law enforcement officers across New Mexico will soon be required to undergo training on how to use evidence kits in rapes and other sexual assault cases and how to apply DNA findings to their investigations. Officials with the state Department of Public Safety and victim advocacy groups announced the new training Tuesday. It will start in January for officers who are certified in New Mexico and will be a part of the law enforcement academy’s curriculum going forward. The announcement comes as the state grapples with a backlog of thousands of untested evidence kits. State Auditor Tim Keller’s office spent the past year querying law enforcement agencies around the state about their policies for handling the kits. only 1 medical school interviewThe resulting audit found that a lack of resources, training and attitudes about the credibility of victims are partly to blame for kits going untested. ___ 9 a.m. A lack of human and financial resources is partly to blame for New Mexico’s backlog of more than 5,400 untested evidence kits from rapes and other sexual assaults. State Auditor Tim Keller has released the findings from a special review aimed at identifying practices that led to the untested kits languishing in evidence vaults around the state. Albuquerque’s crime lab still carries the bulk of the backlog, with about 73 percent of the untested kits. Some kits from elsewhere have been forwarded to the state crime lab, where they still await testing.

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The course will provide an introduction to the responsibilities, opportunities, and resources that will ensure a successful Venturing crew leadership experience. I have done quite a bit of corporate training here in Hong Kong — to clients like HSBC, Citibank, hex etc. — all bringing to them business training based upon medic wisdom and healthcare/ self care training based upon Ayurvedic values. This presentation provides a detailed briefing for individuals selected to serve as a camp health officer at a council or district camping facility. Instructor Syllabus June 2015 Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills cols Working as patrols, this hands-on course provides adult leaders the practical outdoor skills they need to lead Scouts in the out-of-doors. The module consists of six video sections, each followed by a brief quiz. Simply fill out the form and send it to the Volunteer Development Team for processing. After each section of material, you will answer questions about that section’s topic. Log in to MyScouting to take this course on-line Venturing Youth Protection Training This course is required for all adult Venturing leaders. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Pf7JuJcVzQUHere’s how to build up your six-pack musculature while chiselling your midsection! Take this session and have a broader understanding and deeper appreciation of the diverse range of ages and life experiences of the volunteers and professionals in our organization.

By.sing this Website, you accept these terms of use . Reuters Health Information, October 3, 2016 New Tenofovir Formulation Provides Safer Hepatitis B Treatment A new pro drug formulation, tenofovir alafenamide, effectively treats chronic hepatitis B virus HGV infection with fewer bone and renal adverse effects than tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, according to two non inferiority trials. Kant believes that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well being. Experts in the latest techniques, thorough in their approach, and genuinely concerned about each patient, our physicians are preferred providers among patients, and proud providers among referring physicians and nova. At Gastroenterology Associates, we believe that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well-being.  It is this ability to provide more complete, accurate, and thorough care for patients with gastrointestinal conditions, which distinguishes Gastroenterologists from other physicians that provide some similar services. They also have specific clinical and research interests as well. Kant serves Fort Worth and the surrounding area with an outpatient  endoscopy canter. Knowledgeable, calm and…” Welcome to Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates Established in 1976, AA is the largest gastroenterology practice in the country dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of both digestive and liver diseases. Seth’s scheduled presentation at NGMC Braselton has been cancelled. …more Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio is one of the top gastroenterology practices in Texas.


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